Iguana’s Cantina Mexicana

Outdoor Painting

OPEN: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00am — 10:00pm, Closed Mondays
PAYMENT: Cash Only
SEATING: Indoor/Non-Smoking
LOCAL PHONE #: (045) 405-0449
MENU: See Attached PDF and À La Carte Menu Attached PDF, prices and menus as of October 19, 2013
LOCATION: See Map Below

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Before Iguana’s There Was Zapata’s

I lived in Los Angeles, California for over a decade and some of the tastiest Mexican food can be found all over Southern California. Many would argue that you can get better tasting Mexican food in this part of the U.S. than you can in Mexico. When I first arrived in the Philippines I imagined that Mexican food would be easily accessible and adequate in quality and taste. Sadly, this turned out to be untrue.

Many years ago I was taken to what was at the time the only Mexican restaurant in Angeles City called Zapata’s. Having just arrived from Southern California and eating the best Mexican food in the world for over 10 years I was incredibly disappointed. I found the foods bland and unappetizing compared to what I was used to eating.

I caught the tail end of Zapata’s restaurant which was very popular among expats and locals as it was the only choice for Mexican food in town. It closed down a few months later and relocated further down on Perimeter RD near Korea Town under the new name Iguana’s (yet Zapata’s remained on signage). Like many things in the Philippines, this business decision seemed strange and added to branding confusion. I stayed away once it reopened since a couple of other Mexican restaurants had opened up recently and were very good in my opinion.

Street View

About a year ago I ventured back to Iguana’s after hearing from several people that it was better than the other Mexican restaurants I’d been frequenting regularly who had some alleged food poisoning cases.

Once I stepped through Iguana’s big wooden doors I could tell that big changes had been made at the new location and I looked forward to giving them another chance to win over my patronage again. Gone were the references to Zapata’s (except for one tiny street sign reading “Formerly Zapata’s”).

Mexican Food Haven

Fiesta Type Atmosphere

Iguana’s is one of the best themed restaurants in Angeles City. It screams Mexico from the outside building design, murals and colors. Once you walk inside it’s like you’ve stepped straight into a Mexican Cantina.


The entryway welcomes you with an onslaught of pictures of festive patrons wearing sombreros, eating and drinking along with a cabinet filled with trinkets.

Seating Area

The inside is painted in bright colors, colorful artwork and traditional tile work. Pictures, sombreros and decorations adorn almost every inch of wall space available. Even the restrooms are filled with Pancho Villa pictures and colorful tile work. Your server will even be decked out in traditional Mexican style dress with a tiny sombrero hat.

Plush Seats

The large, colorful and spacious dining room is filled with regular tables, booths and high tables. There’s also a nicely stocked bar area with seating for those stopping by to sample some of the many authentic, imported tequilas or margaritas.

Belly Up to the Bar

They also serve liquor, beers, wines, Sangria from Spain and some delectable sounding deserts.

Additional Beverages

Unique Sweets

If I needed a large restaurant/bar for a private party or event Iguana’s would be my first phone call as the space is ideal, already decorated for a party atmosphere and has party food and drink readily available.

South of the Border Flavors in South East Asia

The food at Iguana’s is excellent, of high quality and fairly authentic from a Mexican-American food standpoint with no noticeable shortcuts being taken. More importantly the flavors of the food are much, much better than I remember on my first visit to Zapata’s many years ago.

Nothing is overly spicy and most dishes are very mild. The owners have obviously fine tuned recipes, portions and prices to suit local tastes. While it is still a far cry away from Southern California Mexican food, it is arguably one of the best Mexican restaurants in Angeles City where the cuisine never really has taken off in popularity as it has in the U.S.

The menu consists of your typical Mexican food standards along with other items. Some typical foods they serve include:

  • Hard and Soft Shell Tacos (ground beef, shredded chicken, shredded beef and fish)
  • Burittos
  • Quesadillas
  • Nachos
  • Fajitas
  • Enchiladas

There is also an à la carte menu that you have to request which has some hidden gems not included on the regular menu. I highly recommend asking your server for this menu to save some money and try some dishes you’re not sure about.

More Food

Mexican Foods Feast

I like a variety of Mexican foods at a meal, but I’ve never been a big fan of the combo plates that include rice and beans. I’ve now introduced my girlfriend to Mexican food and she is loving the new flavors and dishes that she’s not accustomed to.

We ordered:

  1. Chicken Qesadilla Supreme
  2. Shredded Beef Taco
  3. Cheese Enchiladas
  4. Nachos with Ground Beef

The Chicken Quesadilla Supreme with onions and jalepeño peppers for 220 pesos (approximately $5.12) is great and classic appetizer.

Appetizer or Meal

The real flour tortillas are filled with plenty of gooey, melted cheese, shredded chicken and optional jalepeño peppers and onions.  An order of these are great to share or for a meal for one person.

Nicely Filled

Next up is 1 Shredded Beef Taco from the à la carte menu for 90 pesos (approximately $2.09) which comes with lettuce, tomato and real cheddar cheese along with a side of salsa. My girlfriend likes the hard shell but soft shell is available.


As you can see there’s no skimping on the shredded beef or toppings. This is your standard sized taco and the shell is crispy. It’s mildly spiced and great for those who don’t want anything too intense.

There's the beef

Back to the à la carte menu for an order of 2 Cheese Enchiladas for 100 pesos (approximately $2.33).

Disappointing dish

Basically this is melted cheese between 2 corn tortillas with enchilada sauce on top. I was slightly disappointed with this dish. The corn tortillas just weren’t right and the cheese was barely melted with shreds still visible. The enchilada sauce was ok, but I could have done without the cheese sauce and sour cream which were more for decoration than flavor.

Finally, we ordered Nachos with Ground Beef from the à la carte menu again for 200 pesos (approximately $4.65).

Awesome, crispy and cheesey

I had low expectations for this dish and expected soggy chips bathed in a bland cheese sauce with ground beef dumped on top of the chips. To my surprise the cheese sauce was slightly spicy, piping hot and served on the side.

The chips were crispy and absorbed just enough of the sauce from the ground beef. As a bonus it even included jalepeño peppers and black olives (though I would have preferred onions).

Stuffed Like a Piñata at a Mexican Child’s Birthday

With drinks and tip our Mexican foods feast bill came to 740 pesos (approximately $17.21) for 2 people. I was completely stuffed and overall very happy with the meal, minus the enchiladas. While there’s no free, all you can eat chips and salsa that most expats are likely used to, Iguana’s is a great place for Mexican food and the atmosphere you eat in makes the experience an engaging and fun dining experience.

The unique Mexican tastes will impress those who haven’t experienced Mexican foods before and it’s a great change of pace when you’re craving it.  While I’d classify Iguana’s as more of a Mexican-American type of food rather than truly authentic, it’s still Mexican food. And even when Mexican food isn’t that great it’s still pretty good!

Night Sign

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Yu Ganne Cal Guksoo Korean Restaurant

Korean Restaurant

OPEN: Daily, 24 Hours
PAYMENT: Cash Only
SEATING: Indoor/Smoking
DELIVERY: Local Friendship HWY Area Only
LOCAL PHONE #: (045) 323-4400
MENU: See Attached PDF, prices and menu as of October 12, 2013
LOCATION: See Map Below

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Korea Town in the Philippines

The Friendship HWY area of Angeles City is known as Korea Town. This area is located West of the entertainment area off of Perimeter RD. Along this stretch there are literally dozens of Korean Restaurants and by many accounts some of the best Korean food outside of Seoul can be found here.

While many tourists and visitors never make it this far down Perimeter RD, those that do find themselves in a culturally diverse, food lovers paradise area of Angeles City that has many delicious restaurants from several ethnic backgrounds including:

While Korean restaurants do dominate this part of town, those who tell you Korea Town is for Koreans only are sadly misinformed and missing out on some truly tasty culinary delights that locals and expats living in the surrounding area certainly know about.

The Best Samgyupsal in Korea Town

Yu Ganne Cal Guksoo Korean Restaurant, also known as “Samgyupsal Galbi,” “Yu, Gane Cal Guksoo,” and “Yuganne Calguksoo” is THE place to go if you want to enjoy the very popular fried pork belly dish samgyupsal.

Korean Food

Skip all the other places who offer you “all you can eat samgyupsal” for 250 pesos (approximately $5.81). All you’re going to get is thin slices of fatty cuts of pork belly that are similar to bacon. These other places pale in comparison to the samgyupsal feast for 2 that you get at Yu Ganne Cal Guksoo for 460 pesos (approximately $10.70). Yu Ganne Cal Guksoo serves up thick cut, meaty, slabs of pork belly with just the right amount of delicious pork fat.

The Feast

First Course — Side Dishes

After placing your order for samgyupsal your server will start bringing numerous side dishes and various dipping sauces to the table. Usually there are 5 side dishes of which a few change daily, kimchi, a cold soup with a vinegar base, leafy greens, onions and chili peppers. Traditional accompaniments like lettuce leaves, raw garlic, green chili peppers, gochujang (red chilli paste), another salty fermented bean paste with a nutty flavor and sesame oil with salt are also included.


Each Korean restaurant typically makes their own kimchi and is a staple in just about every Korean meal. If you like garlic and kimchi, then the kimchi at Yu Ganne Cal Guksoo will be enough to bring you back time and time again. This is by far my favorite kimchi I’ve ever had anywhere. It’s salty, spicy, garlicy with hints of onion and a touch of sweetness. Just when you are enjoying all of the delicious side dishes and kimchi your server will be bring you out more.

Spicy and Garlicy

Second Course — Soups

First, your order of thick, meaty and fatty samgyupsal cuts will then be brought to the table for inspection and table side cooking by the server as you continue to enjoy the side dishes and kimchi.

One Order Raw

Fried Pork Belly

Next, two steaming bowls of soup will be brought to the table. The first soup is called Egg Chim and is more like a scrambled egg with green onions poached in a light, salty broth that evaporates quickly in the hot clay bowl. It’s strangely simple and delicious.

Simpe and Delicious Egg Soup

The second bowl is Doenjang Jjigae and it is a hearty and spicy fish based, seafood, vegetable and tofu soup. In this steaming bowl are dried fish pieces, squid, tahong (local green lipped mussels), spring onions, garlic, zucchini slices, fermented beans, potato slices, red and green chilies and tofu.

Seafood Based Soup

Usually one of the side dishes in the first course is raw squid or oysters in a spicy red pepper sauce. While I don’t have an issue with raw seafood,  I always toss it into the bubbling mixture instead of wasting it and find that it adds a spicy complex flavor. I highly recommend this method.

Main Course

Shortly after you’ve filled yourself up on soups, kimchi and side dishes the cooked samgyupsal will be served as your main course. It’s typically served with fried onion and garlic, but I like to keep half the garlic raw for the samgyupsal lettuce wraps I make.

The samgyupsal should be cooked, but not overly crispy. Feel free to advise your server on the level doneness you prefer as some people refuse to eat pork unless it’s well done. I personally find this absurd.

Cooked Pork Belly

Eating Samgyupsal

I’m not an expert on the proper Korean way of eating samgyupsal. Some people suggest that dipping it in the sesame seed oil with salt and wrapping it in a lettuce leaf with some rice is the correct way. This sounds boring to me. I like to experience all the flavors in one bite-sized lettuce wrapped ball of goodness.

Here’s how I eat mine:

  1. Put a small amount of rice on a lettuce leaf
  2. Add a touch of sesame oil and salt
  3. Add a touch of the fermented, nutty flavored bean paste
  4. 1 piece sliced, raw garlic
  5. A few pieces of samgyupsal
  6. Small piece of fried onion and garlic
  7. Top with small amount of kimchi

I wrap it all up in the lettuce leaf and try and keep it to one bite-sized piece (if possible) and pop it into my mouth. Finally, I take a green chili and dip it into the gochujang and take a big bite.

The flavors of all of the ingredients together in my mouth is overwhelming and like no other. It is a fantastic combination of saltiness, pork and pork fat, spiciness and garlicy bliss with several different textures and temperatures from the mixture of hot and cold toppings. Each time you chew a new flavor expresses itself in a unique way mixing with the other flavors and it’s truly a taste sensation unlike any other.

On occasion there is also a shredded green onion salad served with garlic and chili pepper flakes in a light sesame dressing that I like to throw in as well, but it hasn’t been served every time. Also two glasses of iced tea are usually served, but I find this can be hit or miss as well. An individual side order of rice will set you back an additional 50 pesos (approximately $1.16).

Final Analysis

I knew from the minute I first walked in and saw only Koreans chain smoking and eating that I was in for a special meal. The value for the money cannot be beat considering everything you get with 1 order of samgyupsal for 460 pesos (approximately $10.70). This is a full meal for 2 people and almost impossible to eat by yourself. My total bill with a side order of rice and tip is 530 pesos (approximately $12.33). I’m totally happy when I can get out of any restaurant here for under 600 pesos for 2 people and be completely full and satisfied each and every time.

Yu Ganne Cal Guksoo Korean Restaurant is easily my favorite Korean restaurant in Angeles City and it has been for a while. Considering how many options there are for Korean food that is saying a lot. I find myself visiting this place at least once a week for the past 2 years.

Inside Restaurant

If you’re new to Korean food or have only tried the Korean restaurants in the Entertainment District then you should make your way to Friendship HWY and Korea Town to try some of the best tasting Korean food outside of Seoul, South Korea right here in the Philippines. 

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Hilltop Hotel

Hilltop Sign

TYPE: Drive-In. Short Stay (Hourly Blocks)/Long Stay (Full Day)
RESERVATIONS: Not Required, Recommended for Longer Stays
ROOM TYPES: Standard and VIP, Smoking
RATES: See Attached PDF, prices as of Oct. 12, 2013
PAYMENT: Cash Only
LOCAL PHONE #: (045)892-6158, (045) 889-5680
ROOM SERVICE: Available, See Attached PDF, limited snacks and drinks
LOCATION: See Map Below

View Hilltop Hotel in a larger map

Arriving Late and Checking In to Your Hotel

When traveling, sometimes a flight arrives in my host city at an ungodly hour. I’ll arrive after midnight and check into my booked hotel room well past 1am. I absolutely hate checking into my hotel at this late hour as I feel like I’m getting the least value for my money for that night.

I unpack some basic things like a toothbrush and I’m basically just paying the hotel for sleeping there for a few hours before the next day’s rate kicks in. If I’m paying more than $100 per night I’m really upset about this. I’ve often wished I could circumvent this by finding a basic, safe and cheap hotel room that I could sleep at for 8 to 12 hours until I could check into my real hotel the next afternoon.

Affordable Short Stay Hotel Options for Weary and Late Arriving Travelers

Unfortunately in the United States hotels like this are few and far between. Those that you do find are usually classified as “flop houses” and not in the best areas. Fortunately Asia has embraced the short stay hotel model and has several major chains that cater to renting you a comfortable and safe room in hourly time blocks that are incredibly affordable. These types of hotel rooms are very basic but provide a great service for weary travelers or those who just need to get in a few hours of sleep due to arriving late. Some offer additional services such as massage or room service for small snacks and drinks.

Hilltop Hotel in Angeles City is an example of a very reasonably priced, safe and fairly nice hotel that you can rent in hourly blocks. This type of hotel is is a Drive-In type.

Private Garage

The check in process works like this:

  1. Drive-In to a private garage with your vehicle that is connected to your room
  2. Walk up a flight of stairs to your room

It’s literally that easy. An attendant will accompany you and help you with your luggage should you need it. He’ll also make sure the room is set up to your satisfaction. Once the attendant leaves he’ll close the garage door and you are then safe and secure in your room for the specified time you choose to book.

Hilltop Hotel Standard Room Layout and Amenities

One to 3 hour blocks in a Standard room at Hilltop Hotel currently runs 340 Pesos (about $7.91) and go as high as 1190 Pesos (about $27.67) for up to 24 hours on weekdays.  Rates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are only slightly higher. All rooms have an en-suite toilet and shower with hot water. Other amenities included are:

  • Free WiFi
  • Bathroom kit including soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Bottled water
  • Towels
  • Pillows and bedding
  • Comfortable Queen sized bed
  • 32″ flat screen cable TV
  • Phone
  • Air conditioner
  • Small table and chairs

Free Toiletries

They also offer a small menu of snacks and drinks that can be ordered and delivered to your room as well as a Massage service, all for additional fees.

Relaxing Massage

The size of the room is larger than you would expect for a hotel at this price. It’s roomy and you have plenty of space for your luggage and still room to walk around. Hilltop Hotel has a double locking door entryway system for added security which is nice feature. You enter via one door and then another door to enter the room. The bed is large and surprisingly comfy as are the pillows.

Bed and Towels

The bathroom and shower (CR — Comfort Room in the Philippines) is your typical Asian style with no barrier between the toilet and shower area which can lead to a slippery floor. All rooms are smoking rooms so those sensitive to this may be offended by the smell, but smokers will rejoice in not having to walk downstairs and outside for their nicotine fix.

CR in the Philippines

The flat screen cable TV is great for entertainment and relaxation and the 2 channels labeled DVD – 1 and DVD – 2 are for Adults Only.


Adult Movies

The room is fairly plain with little decoration and no frills but this is to be expected for what it is designed for and the price point. It’s simple, basic and clean. This is a great stop over point for a few hours if you need to take a rest or arrive into town late and just need a place to sleep for a few hours.

Bed and Towels

Work Area

Hotels like this are also great for a number of other reasons including:

  1. Secret romantic rendezvous or time away from the kids
  2. A place to stay and “sleep it off” if you’re too inhibreated to drive home
  3. Great resting spot during unexpected travel delays
  4. Good, cheap temporary spot while you search out a more permanent hotel accommodation

Rooms That Are There When You Need One

What makes these types of hotel especially convenient is that they’re very middle of the road. It’s not your hostel type of room and it’s not exactly a full service hotel. Most travelers aren’t going to book extended stays in this type of hotel so you can almost always just drive or walk in and something will be available.

Hilltop Hotel is one of the nicer hotels in Angeles City of this genre. Competition in this popular niche market has forced each new short stay hotel to up the ante and continue to improve rooms and services. While some of the older rooms have begun to show some wear, a new wing has recently opened but they are not the traditional drive-in style and more like a regular hotel. Reports suggest that these rooms are slightly smaller, but have better showers and fixtures. We hope to review the new wing rooms in the future.

If you just need a place to stay for a few hours or even a day then Hilltop Hotel is recommended.  You will get exactly what you pay for and can expect a professional staff and a clean comfortable room in a safe environment. There are other chains of hotels that you can book rooms in hourly blocks but only a few are as reliable and up to the standard of Hilltop Hotel.

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AFC – Angeles Fried Chicken

Menu Front

OPEN: Daily 9:00am — 12:00am
PAYMENT: Cash and Credit Card (Dine In Only, No Surcharge, No Minimum, Must Have ID)
SEATING: Indoor/Smoking (Enclosed Patio), Indoor/Non-Smoking (Main Dining Room)
DELIVERY: Available Until 10:00pm — Cash Only
LOCAL PHONE #: (045) 322-4448, (045) 625-7644
MENU: See Attached PDF, prices and menu as of Sept. 23, 2013
LOCATION: See Map Below

View AFC (Angeles Fried Chicken) Restaurant in a larger map

Fried Chicken In Asia

When most people of the Western world think about fried chicken they typically associate it with Southern cooking or the larger fast food chains like KFC or Popeye’s. But fried chicken in Asia is ubiquitous and pervasive in just about every restaurant. KFC is one of the largest and most popular fast food chains in all of Asia. McDonald’s and every other fast food chain in this part of the world has bone-in, fried chicken on their menus and in some areas it outsells their burger items. It’s common to see street vendors on bicycles or motorbikes with a side car of scalding hot oil and battered pieces of chicken ready for frying. Fried chicken dishes thrive in the Asian market and are far more common than beef or hamburger dishes as a main meal.

One of the Oldest Restaurants In Angeles City

Locals have been eating at AFC (Angeles Fried Chicken) for over 40 years, yet many foreigners and tourists miss out on some of the best fried chicken dinners Angeles City has to offer which is less than 5 minutes drive from the main hotel/restaurant and entertainment area. Some of the keys to its long-term success has been keeping a core group of cooks and servers together for over 40 years, which is almost unheard of in the food service business. Prices and quality are also far superior to other establishments and finally, AFC focuses on doing one thing great…fried chicken dinners. This is without a doubt the quintessential, sit down style, fried chicken restaurant of yesteryear and walking inside feels like stepping backwards in time.

Angeles Fried Chicken Building

Running the Colonel Out of Town

AFC started out as the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in Pampanga, Philippines. Romeo, who has been working at AFC for 42 years, is a warm, knowledgeable and attentive server who can regale you with grandiose stories about how the Filipinos stole Col. Sanders “11 secret herbs and spices recipe,” his Kentucky bow tie and sent him back to the United States under threats of death. With secret recipe in hand, they changed the letter “K” to an “A” on the sign and began operating as AFC.

42 Year Employee

I’m not entirely sure how true this story is, but there are signs that suggest that at least some of the legendary tale is accurate. Consider:

  • Serving staff wear uniforms exactly like the old Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants (Pre-KFC re-brand days)
  • The chicken breading tastes exactly how I remember KFC chicken in the 1980s
  • Breast pieces are cut into two pieces exactly like Kentucky Fried Chicken used to serve
  • Red and white checkered table clothes adorn the tables
  • Other menu items like gravy, mashed potatoes and coleslaw resemble old KFC flavors

Taking A Trip Back In Time

When you step into AFC’s dimly lit, windowless dining room it’s like stepping through a vortex that takes you back in time 30 years. Once your eyes adjust to the light, you’ll likely find yourself the only foreigner in a restaurant filled with Filipinos at lunch or dinner. This should be your first clue that you’re on to something special and about to enjoy a delicious fried chicken meal. Filipinos know their fried chicken and the place is often packed with businessmen, families and local city officials chowing down on lunch, dinner or celebrating special events.

AFC Bar Area

If you’re lucky, Romeo will be your server and will welcome you at the door. Ask him to give you the history of place as he is one of the original workers. If you’re a purist like me, tell him you want to sit at one of the tables with the original seats which are much more comfortable and add an historic aspect to your dining experience.

Original Wood Chairs

What To Order?

While there are other options on the menu I would recommend a Western style, old school KFC-like meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw and roll. Sit back, take in the historic atmosphere and get ready to sink your teeth into some juicy fried chicken that will bring back childhood memories of what Kentucky Fried Chicken used to taste like before it became fast food and over commercialized. 

Your server will bring you a small complimentary bowl of fish crackers which are crispy, not too fishy tasting and delicious.  I always order the Lunch, Crispy with roll and a side order of mashed potatoes.  This meal for 220 pesos (approximately $5.00) consists of 3 pieces of fried chicken (Crispy has slightly more breading than Regular), coleslaw, gravy and your choice of rice or roll. A side order of mashed potatoes is an additional 75 pesos (approximately $1.72).

Complimentary Snack

I find 3 pieces to be enough for a meal, but additional breast pieces are available for 70 pesos (approximately $1.60) each as well as additional side items. Keep in mind these two things:

  1. These are not hormone injected, giant chicken pieces and may appear small compared to what your are used to consuming.
  2. There are 2 types of chicken breast pieces like KFC formerly served. One section with breast meat and ribs, the other piece with breast meat sections only. Be sure to specify which pieces you prefer. 

Your girlfriend or date is likely going to only eat 1 or 2 pieces of chicken. Do yourself and her a favor: Order her the 3 piece Lunch (with rice of course instead of the roll), then swap out the pieces you want. Trust me, she doesn’t want the breast pieces and prefers the wings, thighs and legs. In this scenario you’re likely to get  2 or 3 breast portions for yourself without ordering additional pieces.

Crispy and Juicy Comfort Food You’ll Be Back For Again and Again

With two Lunch, Crispy with roll orders, side of mashed potatoes and an order of AFC Fried Rice placed I sit back and await my meal while sipping on an ice cold Mountain Dew as my girlfriend rambles on about something I’m not even listening to. My mind is pre-occupied with the forthcoming, hot, juicy and crispy chicken that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

Finally Romeo brings out our food. I quickly switch out the breast pieces and leave my girlfriend with 2 wing pieces. I bite into the crispy outside breading and hot chicken juice burns my mouth. A fork full of mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw and a sip of Mountain Dew subsides the burning sensations. I’m instantly taken back to my childhood days of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken as I remember it.


The mashed potatoes are as good as you’re going to get in Asia, meaning acceptable, but nothing like the light and fluffy U.S. style I’m used to. Still much better than most anything anyone else has to offer and a must with a fried chicken dinner. A dash of salt, pepper and hot sauce enhances their flavor. The homemade gravy for the fried chicken and mashed potatoes is tasty and nice accompaniment.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

The roll is surprisingly delicious and something I always look forward to with this meal at AFC, don’t miss out on it. The AFC Fried Rice is a combination fried rice with chunks of chicken, shrimp, egg and vegetables. I rarely order it unless I’m with my girlfriend, but enjoy it when I do. It’s total carb overkill with the mashed potatoes and roll.

Carb Overload

The small serving of coleslaw is enough for me but I should have never convinced the girlfriend to try it and the roll which she now eats and won’t give me. At least I’m still getting one over on her with the chicken breasts, but it was much better and cheaper for me when she was just fried chicken and white rice.

The Never Ending Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m completely happy and full every time I eat at AFC. It’s one of my favorite places in all of Angeles City to eat or have delivered. It’s a total throw back to what fried chicken places used to be about in taste and atmosphere. The bill total with drinks and tip came to 611 pesos (approximately $14.15) for two of us, but you can easily spend less than $5.00 alone and enjoy a hearty , comfort food meal that will send you down memory lane of what KFC used to be and taste like.

I hope AFC never changes a thing and that their staff stays another 20 years and teaches the younger servers and cooks everything they know. In a place where restaurants change drastically  and frequently with staff and cook turnover, AFC has maintained a competent staff, a high quality standard, fair price and continues to serve a simple, immaculately prepared fried chicken dinner that transcends all cultural barriers and is truly heavenly in taste.

Cartoon Chicken

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