EG Golf Driving Range

Home on the Range

The game of golf can be time consuming and an expensive hobby. If you’re not very good it can also be a very frustrating game. Some days you just can’t seem to hit the ball worth a damn and what started out as a stress-free 9 or 18 hole round, walking outdoors and playing with friends can turn into a 2 or 4 hour nightmare of hacking around and double-bogey scores.


On those days when I just don’t have the energy, desire or time for a 9 or 18 hole round, I head to the range to hit some balls. The range is a cheap, stress-free place to be outdoors and still able to practice some basic fundamentals of the game. I can also spend as much or as little time as I want there, unlike a golf course where I’m committed to 9 or 18 holes.

EG Golf Driving Range

Summertime in the Philippines is hot, especially in April. It’s 90 degrees plus everyday and more humid than usual. Spending 2 or 4 hours on a golf course in Angeles City is not an ideal situation in this stifling heat and humidity.


EG Golf Driving Range is an unpretentious, no frills driving range and golf shop that is the perfect place to go when I can’t make it out on the course, but still want to swing some clubs or hit some balls. It’s not a fancy place but it completely serves its purpose and the prices are very reasonable.


Mid-mornings and early afternoons are less crowded due to most golfers heading out to play rounds of golf. Early evening hours provide a cooler opportunity but last call Monday to Saturday is 8:30pm and 7:00pm on Sundays.

Pro Shop & Repair Services

EG Golf has a pro shop with a fairly large selection of golf clubs, gloves, apparel, bags, shoes and balls available at reasonable prices. Their selection of name brand golfing products makes EG Golf a one-stop shop for all your golf related needs.



EG Golf also has a repair shop that can re-grip, repair and make other custom adjustments to your sticks that will help improve your game on and off the course.

Fix Sticks

Practice Before Your Next Game

Spending time on the range can only help improve your golf game and EG Golf Driving Range provides an excellent, not overly crowded and unpretentious place for your to work on your mechanics.

Hitting Balls

If you’re looking for a high-end, country club style range then this probably isn’t the spot for you and there are other places in Angeles City for you to hit some balls. But if you simply want to get some warm up swings in before heading out on the links for your next game then EG Golf provides a completely adequate and fairly priced arena to suit your needs.

EG Golf

EG Golf Driving Range is located on Fil-Am Friendship Highway near the intersection of Angeles-Porac-Floridablanca-Dinalupihan Road, Barangay Cut-Cut. EG Golf is kitty-corner from the Jollibee restaurant at the corner of this intersection on Friendship Highway.

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Didi’s Pizza

Pizza Box

Filipino Style Pizza

Filipino pizza is an animal all its own. It’s definitely not suited for most Western tastes but Filipinos eat it up and Didi’s Pizza has been serving up their own version of pizza in Angeles City since 1972.


Some key differences versus between Filipino style pizza and Western style pizza are:

  • Filipino pizzas typically uses a sweet tomato sauce
  • Locally produced, processed cheese is used
  • Meat toppings are usually of a Filipino variety

While the flavors and toppings may be unusual to foreigners who are used to 100% mozzarella cheese, Italian style sauce and imported meats, the Filipino style pizza is unique and can be a nice alternative. In any case it’s still pizza and even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.


Didi’s Pizza

Jollibee is the safe Filipino food stop that will impress any Filipina if you suggest it as a meal option. But if you really want to blow her away tell her you want to treat her to Didi’s Pizza for dine-in or delivery.

Rest assured, you may not like the pizza but Didi’s has a least one menu item that you will likely enjoy and return for: BBQ pork ribs.

I’d heard about Didi’s Pizza and stopped in one day to give it a try. I ordered a small combo pizza and a snack portion of the BBQ ribs. While the pizza was ok for my tastes, the ribs were spectacular. I’ve had ribs at numerous restaurants in Angeles City. Two things have always been true:

  1. They were exepensive and overpriced
  2. They were average at best in taste

Didi’s ribs were meaty, cheap and they are covered in a delicious sauce that reminded me of homemade barbecue sauces I’ve tasted at rib houses in the U.S. I was immediately impressed and knew I’d be back again for the ribs.

BBQ Ribs

Dine-In or Delivery

Dining in at Didi’s can be extremely difficult. It’s one of the most popular restaurants for local Filipinos. I highly suggest utilizing their delivery service. One night I suggested to my girlfriend that we order Didi’s Pizza for delivery.

Home Service

She looked at me with utter shock and surprise that I would suggest this restaurant. She immediately ran to the room to get the menu before I changed my mind or told her I was only joking.

Didi’s Pizza has very fair prices and a nice sized menu offering pizzas, ribs, fried chicken, burgers, spaghetti, Filipino noodle dishes and other Filipino dishes.

Many Foods

On this occasion we ordered 1 large Combination pizza, 1 BBQ Ribs dinner and 1 order of Pancit Canton. Total price delivered was 521 pesos (approximately $11.84).

Pizza, Noodles & Ribs

While I personally prefer Western style pizza like S&R serves, Didi’s has a good tasting, thin crust that I really enjoy. I added some real 100% mozzarella cheese the next day and popped some left-overs in the toaster oven and was extremely impressed with how well it turned out for a small meal.

Didi’s Pizza is a good, cheap option that will make your Filipina happy and it’s a nice change of pace from Jollibee. Let you girl order what she likes, try a Filipino style pizza if you’re adventurous and make sure to give the BBQ ribs a try for yourself.  You won’t find better ribs for less money in Angeles City and you might find yourself ordering them again and again.

Didi’s Pizza is located in Balibago, Angeles City just off of MacArthur Highway on Mon Tang Avenue between Marlim and S. Rivera Lim Avenue near Diamond Subdivision.

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Coffee Na


Beat the Heat & Get a Seat

It’s April in the Philippines and that means it’s hot. Malls are overcrowded with window shoppers looking to cool off and coffee shops are filled with people sitting around and drinking iced beverages to beat the heat.

Iced Drink

It’s nearly impossible to find a seat to sit back and relax in the malls or at your favorite coffee shop because they’re so crowded. It’s even harder to find a coffee shop that has a large, indoor, air conditioned seating area. Many places have outdoor seating, but with the heat and humidity it’s very uncomfortable.

Hand Drip Coffee Na

Fortunately there is a fairly new and large Starbucks style coffee shop on Friendship Highway (just before Timog Park Homes in Barangay Anunas) called Coffee Na. This is currently my favorite go to spot when I want to sit back and relax in a quiet coffee shop to work on my laptop or just relax with a delicious cup of Joe.

I know I’ll get exactly what I’m looking for:

  1. A great coffee or juice beverage
  2. Large air conditioned seating area
  3. A quiet, not overcrowded environment
  4. Nicely decorated, cozy ambiance


Coffee Na prices are extremely reasonable and they have a large selection of coffee and non-coffee beverages. Prices range from 70 pesos (approximately $1.57) to 240 pesos (approximately $5.39) for exotic blends. Most drinks average around 170 pesos (approximately $3.82).

Coffee Na

Roasting Whole Beans On Site

One thing that really stands out at Coffee Na is that they have a coffee bean roaster right in the front of the store. I can’t recall ever seeing any of the major chains or local coffee shops I’ve been to actually roasting their own beans! This alone is worth the trip and the aroma that fills the cafe is incredible when it’s in operation.

Whole Beans

Coffee Na also sells whole bean coffee. The days of only being able to get Nescafe powdered coffee in the Philippines are over. Coffee Na has several types of whole beans to choose from:

  • Coffee Na House Blend roasted on site — 100g for 250 pesos (approximately $5.62)
  • Arrabicca — 100g for 150 pesos (approximately $3.37)
  • Kenya — 100g for 350 pesos (approximately $7.87)
  • Mandheling — 100g for 300 pesos (approximately $6.74)
  • Ethiopia — 100g for 250 pesos (approximately $5.62)

Snacks & Deserts

Coffee Na also serves some pretty fancy and tasty snacks and deserts. Their selection of snacks includes English Muffins with ham and egg, Ciabatta with cheese and ham, Bagels with cream cheese and Honey Bread with whipped cream.


The deserts are little masterpieces of confectionery goodness and vary from day to day. Cakes wrapped in fondant come in various flavors like Oreo, black forest, chocolate, blueberry, carrot, red velvet and tiramisu. The macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies are also excellent and my desert of choice when I visit and are available.  I’d advise getting there early as supplies of these deserts are limited and sell out quickly.


Additional Information

Coffee Na has all the bells and whistles of name brand coffee shops without the trendy name and is a great spot if you’re looking to avoid huge crowds. Their location in Korea Town keeps away most tourists who think this area is too far away or for Koreans only. They are open from 8am to 1am everyday and also have free Wifi.


They have outdoor seating with less than 10 chairs and a very large indoor, non-smoking area. The indoor smoking area is a smaller section far enough away from the non-smoking area.

Puff Away

More importantly they are serving up great coffee and non-coffee drinks at reasonable prices by a friendly and knowledgeable staff of baristas.

Friendly Staff

If you find yourself in the Friendship area of Angeles City and are looking for a spot to grab a drink and snack to beat the summer heat then be sure to check out Hand Drip Coffee Na for a refreshing and tasty beverage. And don’t forget to stock up on their selection of whole coffee beans for home brewing.

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