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Amoremio Italian Restaurant

Unlit Sign Above Entrance

OPEN: Daily 10:00am — 11:00pm
PAYMENT: Cash Only
SEATING: Indoor/Non-Smoking, Outdoor/Smoking
DELIVERY: Available
LOCAL PHONE #: (045) 304-0328
MENU: See Attached PDF, prices and menu as of Sept. 21, 2013
LOCATION: See Map Below

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Battle Italian Food In Angeles City, Philippines

Amoremio opened in Angeles City a little over a year ago right next door to the world famous C’ Italian Dining, the premier Italian restaurant in the area. Many people thought Amoremio was destined for failure as C’ has had a lock on fine Italian dining in Angeles City for many, many years and is a favorite among locals, expats and tourists alike.

On paper there were several disadvantages:

  • C’ was a large stand alone restaurant
  • Amoremio was small and nestled in a building housing other businesses
  • C’ was established with locals, expats and tourists
  • Amoremio was new to a town who already has several Italian restaurants
  • C’ was branded as “Italian Dining”
  • Amoremio’s signage refers to it as “Mediterranean Cuisine”

While C’ still maintained a steady, busy business, Chef Tiziano of Amoremio stayed the course and word quickly got around town that a new Italian place with a chef who owned a restaurant in Manila for decades was now here. The word on the street was that the food was much cheaper and of equal or better quality to the competition. 

My first experience eating here in November 2012 proved the rumors to be true. I was never a regular C’ customer. I went there a few times when friends came to town or for a truly special date, but price always kept me away even though the quality was superior to most other places in town. On the other hand, I frequented Amoremio several times. The quality and prices were more than in line and you could easily eat there for well under $10.00.

The Tide Turns

In April of 2013 C’ experienced an electrical fire in the upper portion of their building. By all accounts, damage was minimal and confined to an upper storeroom. A quick re-opening was expected. The damaged area was fixed up rather quickly and they re-opened a few weeks later only to be shut down almost immediately by City Officials. This location of C’ has never re-opened again. The word around town is that it will never re-open and as of this writing the building has a sign posted re-directing your to their small location in the Petron gas station on Clark.

Fortunately, the best Italian restaurant is right next door and dishing up some of the most authentic and delicious Italian food outside of Italy at reasonable prices. I recently dined here again as the internet buzz from locals were calling it the best place in town.

Streetview entrance

Indoor/Outdoor Dining In A Quaint and Quiet Envrionment

Dining Room

Upon entering the well lit, Italian decorated Amoremio dining room you will find sturdy wooden tables and chairs painted gold. Various Italian wines and ingredients are used for decoration and all the tables are fully set awaiting your arrival. 

Just through a door in the back is the open-air outdoor bar and patio dining area where smoking is permitted.


The outdoor patio is covered seating and a bit more romantic with Italian style candles in bottles with was dripping down it serving as your light. The wait staff provides an LED light for you to peruse the menu.  The staff is also very knowledgeable and well dressed providing you with excellent service.

Amoremio Outdoor Dining Patio

Pizza and Pasta Straight of Italy

A small, complimentary bread basket with olive oil and tomato dipping sauce was brought to the table with our place settings and menus. There were two different types of soft, fresh bread and homemade bread sticks. This was a nice start to a meal and gave us something to munch on as we looked through the vast menu of appetizers, salads, pastas, risottos, paellas, pizzas and main courses to choose from.

Fresh Bread Basket

We ordered the small Caesar salad which was had crisp lettuce, crunchy bacon, homemade croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese tossed in the classic creamy dressing. For my personal tastes I thought the salad was over-dressed and it’s not the first time I’ve had this salad here and felt this way. My suggestion would be to order it with the dressing on the side or ask your server to have them go easy on the dressing.

Small Ceasar Salad

A pizza from Amoremio is always a good idea. They have several flavors to choose from with familiar and not so familiar toppings. You can’t go wrong with the classic Margherita for the price and its simple yet delicious flavor. On this visit we went with Italian sausage and mushrooms; I wasn’t crazy about the Italian sausage as I felt like it tasted more like pepperoni. The thin crust and flavorful toppings re-heat up great the next day.


For our main courses I went with Spaghetti Aglio Olio Gamberetti, or spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and shrimps. While this dish sounds simple it had a great flavor and was spectacular. As an added bonus, the wait staff asked me if I wanted the pasta cooked al dente or regular. I choose al dente and it was perfectly prepared.

Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic and Shrimps

My date went with the Beef Lasagna in Porcini Mushroom Sauce that she noticed on the chalk board on our way in. This creamy dish was rich and deep in flavor. The plentiful and fresh mushrooms were bathed in the creamy béchamel sauce with a hint of  cheese, beef and tomato flavor from the lasagna all baked into pasta. 

Chef Special

While this dish may not appear to be the most appetizing, my date had no problem eating the entire portion and mopping up the rest of the sauce with the side of garlic bread. She may never eat my regular old lasagna again!

Amoremio Chef Specials

Finest Italian Restaurant for the Money

While Angeles City has several Italian restaurants to choose from Amoremio is certainly leading the pack and may be the best value for the money in town. My bill with tip was 1215 Philippines Pesos (roughly $27.50 as of this writing) and in any other country I would have paid a lot more. I took home half the pizza and enjoyed it the next day for lunch.

Amoremio seems to have completely arrived and is definitely one of the top Italian places in town. This is due to the expert chef and management running the business. They have trained the cooks and wait staff extremely well and make sure that you receive a delicious and authentic meal at an affordable price in a beautiful atmosphere. We hope to add to their story soon by interviewing Chef Tiziano and visit them again to experience more of their spectacular dishes.

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Welcome to SleepEatGolf

How do you know what restaurants to eat at, what hotels to stay at or what golf courses to play when you travel for business, pleasure or both? If you’re like most people you go to some of the more famous web sites and check out what other people have to say. These sites are filled with paid and non-paid reviews which are almost indistinguishable to the untrained eye. They are also broadly marketed to reach as many people as possible giving information on various hot spots and attractions you may not be interested in at all. It can become an overwhelming and a fruitless search sifting through all of this data and you usually end up just staying, eating and playing where all the other tourists go.

You are missing out on the hidden gems and special places that only non-tourists know about which are a lot closer and more accessible than you ever imagined. The problem is how do you find out about these places that aren’t as well publicized? Now you finally have an online community that will help you out.

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Going to an unfamiliar part of the world can be an exciting yet stressful adventure. Not speaking the language of where you’re going can add to this stress and apprehension. You will soon be thrust into unfamiliar territory and relying on strange people in a strange land. Most people’s natural reaction is to just go to places they’re familiar with and not venture too far off the beaten path. Why do what everyone else does? Don’t be a tourist. Visit our site to find out about the other places to eat, sleep and golf.

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Our initial destinations at first will focus on the South East Asia region of the world. We will be focusing on countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau. As we continue to grow more geographical locations will be added frequently. Our first roll-out will be restaurant based with hotel and golf soon to follow. In time, no matter where you are headed in the world on business or pleasure you will have a reliable site that you can go to for the most recent information from us and our members.

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