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Hilltop Hotel

Hilltop Sign

TYPE: Drive-In. Short Stay (Hourly Blocks)/Long Stay (Full Day)
RESERVATIONS: Not Required, Recommended for Longer Stays
ROOM TYPES: Standard and VIP, Smoking
RATES: See Attached PDF, prices as of Oct. 12, 2013
PAYMENT: Cash Only
LOCAL PHONE #: (045)892-6158, (045) 889-5680
ROOM SERVICE: Available, See Attached PDF, limited snacks and drinks
LOCATION: See Map Below

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Arriving Late and Checking In to Your Hotel

When traveling, sometimes a flight arrives in my host city at an ungodly hour. I’ll arrive after midnight and check into my booked hotel room well past 1am. I absolutely hate checking into my hotel at this late hour as I feel like I’m getting the least value for my money for that night.

I unpack some basic things like a toothbrush and I’m basically just paying the hotel for sleeping there for a few hours before the next day’s rate kicks in. If I’m paying more than $100 per night I’m really upset about this. I’ve often wished I could circumvent this by finding a basic, safe and cheap hotel room that I could sleep at for 8 to 12 hours until I could check into my real hotel the next afternoon.

Affordable Short Stay Hotel Options for Weary and Late Arriving Travelers

Unfortunately in the United States hotels like this are few and far between. Those that you do find are usually classified as “flop houses” and not in the best areas. Fortunately Asia has embraced the short stay hotel model and has several major chains that cater to renting you a comfortable and safe room in hourly time blocks that are incredibly affordable. These types of hotel rooms are very basic but provide a great service for weary travelers or those who just need to get in a few hours of sleep due to arriving late. Some offer additional services such as massage or room service for small snacks and drinks.

Hilltop Hotel in Angeles City is an example of a very reasonably priced, safe and fairly nice hotel that you can rent in hourly blocks. This type of hotel is is a Drive-In type.

Private Garage

The check in process works like this:

  1. Drive-In to a private garage with your vehicle that is connected to your room
  2. Walk up a flight of stairs to your room

It’s literally that easy. An attendant will accompany you and help you with your luggage should you need it. He’ll also make sure the room is set up to your satisfaction. Once the attendant leaves he’ll close the garage door and you are then safe and secure in your room for the specified time you choose to book.

Hilltop Hotel Standard Room Layout and Amenities

One to 3 hour blocks in a Standard room at Hilltop Hotel currently runs 340 Pesos (about $7.91) and go as high as 1190 Pesos (about $27.67) for up to 24 hours on weekdays.  Rates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are only slightly higher. All rooms have an en-suite toilet and shower with hot water. Other amenities included are:

  • Free WiFi
  • Bathroom kit including soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Bottled water
  • Towels
  • Pillows and bedding
  • Comfortable Queen sized bed
  • 32″ flat screen cable TV
  • Phone
  • Air conditioner
  • Small table and chairs

Free Toiletries

They also offer a small menu of snacks and drinks that can be ordered and delivered to your room as well as a Massage service, all for additional fees.

Relaxing Massage

The size of the room is larger than you would expect for a hotel at this price. It’s roomy and you have plenty of space for your luggage and still room to walk around. Hilltop Hotel has a double locking door entryway system for added security which is nice feature. You enter via one door and then another door to enter the room. The bed is large and surprisingly comfy as are the pillows.

Bed and Towels

The bathroom and shower (CR — Comfort Room in the Philippines) is your typical Asian style with no barrier between the toilet and shower area which can lead to a slippery floor. All rooms are smoking rooms so those sensitive to this may be offended by the smell, but smokers will rejoice in not having to walk downstairs and outside for their nicotine fix.

CR in the Philippines

The flat screen cable TV is great for entertainment and relaxation and the 2 channels labeled DVD – 1 and DVD – 2 are for Adults Only.


Adult Movies

The room is fairly plain with little decoration and no frills but this is to be expected for what it is designed for and the price point. It’s simple, basic and clean. This is a great stop over point for a few hours if you need to take a rest or arrive into town late and just need a place to sleep for a few hours.

Bed and Towels

Work Area

Hotels like this are also great for a number of other reasons including:

  1. Secret romantic rendezvous or time away from the kids
  2. A place to stay and “sleep it off” if you’re too inhibreated to drive home
  3. Great resting spot during unexpected travel delays
  4. Good, cheap temporary spot while you search out a more permanent hotel accommodation

Rooms That Are There When You Need One

What makes these types of hotel especially convenient is that they’re very middle of the road. It’s not your hostel type of room and it’s not exactly a full service hotel. Most travelers aren’t going to book extended stays in this type of hotel so you can almost always just drive or walk in and something will be available.

Hilltop Hotel is one of the nicer hotels in Angeles City of this genre. Competition in this popular niche market has forced each new short stay hotel to up the ante and continue to improve rooms and services. While some of the older rooms have begun to show some wear, a new wing has recently opened but they are not the traditional drive-in style and more like a regular hotel. Reports suggest that these rooms are slightly smaller, but have better showers and fixtures. We hope to review the new wing rooms in the future.

If you just need a place to stay for a few hours or even a day then Hilltop Hotel is recommended.  You will get exactly what you pay for and can expect a professional staff and a clean comfortable room in a safe environment. There are other chains of hotels that you can book rooms in hourly blocks but only a few are as reliable and up to the standard of Hilltop Hotel.

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