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Welcome to SleepEatGolf

How do you know what restaurants to eat at, what hotels to stay at or what golf courses to play when you travel for business, pleasure or both? If you’re like most people you go to some of the more famous web sites and check out what other people have to say. These sites are filled with paid and non-paid reviews which are almost indistinguishable to the untrained eye. They are also broadly marketed to reach as many people as possible giving information on various hot spots and attractions you may not be interested in at all. It can become an overwhelming and a fruitless search sifting through all of this data and you usually end up just staying, eating and playing where all the other tourists go.

You are missing out on the hidden gems and special places that only non-tourists know about which are a lot closer and more accessible than you ever imagined. The problem is how do you find out about these places that aren’t as well publicized? Now you finally have an online community that will help you out.

At we know exactly what you want to do: Eat at some great restaurants, sleep and relax at great hotels and play golf at some of the finest courses in the world on whatever budget you can afford on your trip. We’ll have top-notch places as well as great more affordable places to suit all budgets.

Going to an unfamiliar part of the world can be an exciting yet stressful adventure. Not speaking the language of where you’re going can add to this stress and apprehension. You will soon be thrust into unfamiliar territory and relying on strange people in a strange land. Most people’s natural reaction is to just go to places they’re familiar with and not venture too far off the beaten path. Why do what everyone else does? Don’t be a tourist. Visit our site to find out about the other places to eat, sleep and golf.

Our community at will help you navigate through these perilous tasks and save you time and money when planning your trip by offering you tips, user feedback, special offers, high quality content and information all in one place focusing on the 3 most important parts of your day: eating, sleeping and golfing. Our site will help you be one of the “locals” by providing you with insider information from actual people on the ground that other sites leave out.

We are your international, multi-language online site for all things restaurant, hotel and golf related in one comprehensive site with actual users providing pertinent information to help you get the most out of your vacation or business trip wherever you travel in the world! We plan to utilize social media and new technologies to help keep this portal ahead of the curve with the latest information and secret spots. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to connect with other like-minded people who share your desires to get the most out of their trip. Watch for our app that will put all of this site’s information in the palm of your hand wherever you are in the world providing you with up to the minute data and will help you plan your trip from start to finish.

Our initial destinations at first will focus on the South East Asia region of the world. We will be focusing on countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Macau. As we continue to grow more geographical locations will be added frequently. Our first roll-out will be restaurant based with hotel and golf soon to follow. In time, no matter where you are headed in the world on business or pleasure you will have a reliable site that you can go to for the most recent information from us and our members.

This site’s primary purpose is to provide you with in depth, honest and unbiased reviews and user reviews on where to dine, where to stay and which links to play with precise and detailed information that the other sites leave out. We pride ourselves on providing you with accurate up to date prices, contact information, high quality video, images and more to help guide you and make the most of your travels for your budget. In order to succeed and become the “go-to” online community for restaurants, hotels and golf courses worldwide we invite you to help us build by giving your input and support to help make us a leader in this niche. Thanks for stopping by and look for big things from us in the very near future!

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