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Beat the Heat & Get a Seat

It’s April in the Philippines and that means it’s hot. Malls are overcrowded with window shoppers looking to cool off and coffee shops are filled with people sitting around and drinking iced beverages to beat the heat.

Iced Drink

It’s nearly impossible to find a seat to sit back and relax in the malls or at your favorite coffee shop because they’re so crowded. It’s even harder to find a coffee shop that has a large, indoor, air conditioned seating area. Many places have outdoor seating, but with the heat and humidity it’s very uncomfortable.

Hand Drip Coffee Na

Fortunately there is a fairly new and large Starbucks style coffee shop on Friendship Highway (just before Timog Park Homes in Barangay Anunas) called Coffee Na. This is currently my favorite go to spot when I want to sit back and relax in a quiet coffee shop to work on my laptop or just relax with a delicious cup of Joe.

I know I’ll get exactly what I’m looking for:

  1. A great coffee or juice beverage
  2. Large air conditioned seating area
  3. A quiet, not overcrowded environment
  4. Nicely decorated, cozy ambiance


Coffee Na prices are extremely reasonable and they have a large selection of coffee and non-coffee beverages. Prices range from 70 pesos (approximately $1.57) to 240 pesos (approximately $5.39) for exotic blends. Most drinks average around 170 pesos (approximately $3.82).

Coffee Na

Roasting Whole Beans On Site

One thing that really stands out at Coffee Na is that they have a coffee bean roaster right in the front of the store. I can’t recall ever seeing any of the major chains or local coffee shops I’ve been to actually roasting their own beans! This alone is worth the trip and the aroma that fills the cafe is incredible when it’s in operation.

Whole Beans

Coffee Na also sells whole bean coffee. The days of only being able to get Nescafe powdered coffee in the Philippines are over. Coffee Na has several types of whole beans to choose from:

  • Coffee Na House Blend roasted on site — 100g for 250 pesos (approximately $5.62)
  • Arrabicca — 100g for 150 pesos (approximately $3.37)
  • Kenya — 100g for 350 pesos (approximately $7.87)
  • Mandheling — 100g for 300 pesos (approximately $6.74)
  • Ethiopia — 100g for 250 pesos (approximately $5.62)

Snacks & Deserts

Coffee Na also serves some pretty fancy and tasty snacks and deserts. Their selection of snacks includes English Muffins with ham and egg, Ciabatta with cheese and ham, Bagels with cream cheese and Honey Bread with whipped cream.


The deserts are little masterpieces of confectionery goodness and vary from day to day. Cakes wrapped in fondant come in various flavors like Oreo, black forest, chocolate, blueberry, carrot, red velvet and tiramisu. The macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies are also excellent and my desert of choice when I visit and are available.  I’d advise getting there early as supplies of these deserts are limited and sell out quickly.


Additional Information

Coffee Na has all the bells and whistles of name brand coffee shops without the trendy name and is a great spot if you’re looking to avoid huge crowds. Their location in Korea Town keeps away most tourists who think this area is too far away or for Koreans only. They are open from 8am to 1am everyday and also have free Wifi.


They have outdoor seating with less than 10 chairs and a very large indoor, non-smoking area. The indoor smoking area is a smaller section far enough away from the non-smoking area.

Puff Away

More importantly they are serving up great coffee and non-coffee drinks at reasonable prices by a friendly and knowledgeable staff of baristas.

Friendly Staff

If you find yourself in the Friendship area of Angeles City and are looking for a spot to grab a drink and snack to beat the summer heat then be sure to check out Hand Drip Coffee Na for a refreshing and tasty beverage. And don’t forget to stock up on their selection of whole coffee beans for home brewing.

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