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I eat a lot of meals at home, but I often find myself running errands and stopping by smaller restaurants and cafes for a quick snack or even a full meal. In most of these cases I’m unprepared or just not in the mood to do a full SleepEatGolf review.

Sometimes these places really don’t warrant a full-on review, but that’s not to suggest that they aren’t putting out delicious food. I’ve decided to do some smaller reviews I’m calling “Drop-Ins.” These will be my initial thoughts and impressions of places I drop-in to when I’m out and about.

If they really pique my interest or I think they’re something special, I’ll head back at a later date and do a full SleepEatGolf review.  At a minimum, I hope these Drop-In reviews provide you with some new information of places you may be overlooking.

Dropping-In on Walter’s Bistro

One day while trying yet another Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich at a place called Banh Mi Ngon, I noticed that next door was a small cafe with six or eight Europeans eating, drinking and talking in what I perceived to be German. I was immediately intrigued by this place as I love German food, but don’t eat it nearly as much as I’d like. I decided to head back there the next time I was looking to eat out in order to investigate further.

Tonight I dropped in to Walter’s Bistro. I was surprised that there was no indoor seating and at the small size of the menu. There’s a breakfast menu featuring American, German and Filipino breakfast plates and a snacks menu.

The snacks menu consisted of:

  • Hungarian Goulash Soup with bread — 145 pesos (approximately $3.25)
  • 2 Vienna Sausages with mustard and bread – 145 pesos (approximately $3.25)
  • Toast Hawaii (ham, cheese & pineapple) — 155 pesos (approximately $3.48)
  • German Bratwurst with bread — 130 pesos (approximately $2.92)
  • Käse Kreiner with bread – 130 pesos (approximately $2.92)
  • Currywurst with french fries – 185 pesos (approximately $4.16)
  • Nürnberger Bratwurst with sauerkraut and bread — 160 pesos (approximately $3.60)

On Saturdays there’s a special schweinebraten dinner available for 290 pesos (approximately $6.50) that includes salad and dumpling as well as daily specials. Alcoholic drinks and imported German beers are also available.

My order was the Nürnberger Bratwurst with sauerkraut and bread for me and Currywurst with french fries for the girlfriend with 2 bottles of soda. The waitress grilled our sausages on the gas grill right in front of us.


Both dishes were much better than we both expected. The bratwurst were small, but full flavored. The sauerkraut was delicious and was a great accompaniment to the sausages. German brown bread is always good.

The Currywurst was plump, juicy, mildly flavored and had a nice, slightly sweet and spicy curry sauce on top. The fries were crisp.

Plump Sausage

While the portions were rather small, the price was right. I wanted to try the Käse Kreiner with bread, Hungarian Goulash Soup with bread, or Vienna Sausages with mustard and bread but unfortunately all were sold out for the day.

The total bill with tip was 445 pesos (approximately $10.00). I think Walter’s Bistro is great little spot for a light German meal, quick snack or a place to enjoy a few specialty beers. I will definitely be back and hope the other sausages are just as tasty and authentic as what I tired tonight.

Walter’s Bistro is located on Perimeter Road in Angeles City between The American Hotel and ABC Hotel, next door to Banh Mi Ngon. Look for the German man holding a mug of beer statue out front.


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